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Hawai‘i Links

More Than You Think
More Than You Think celebrates the majority of Hawai‘i young people - those who have chosen not to drink before 21. More Than You Think focuses on the positive things Hawai‘i teens do and provides tools to help them continue making good decisions about not drinking alcohol.

Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii
Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii provides innovative programs and services to help keep Hawai‘i children and families healthy, strong and resilient against drug and alcohol abuse.

The Stronger Influence
Stronger Influence is a Hawai‘i based website for all parents, aunties, uncles, tutus, older brothers and sisters who want to prevent the teens in their lives from drinking underage.

MADD Hawai‘i
MADD Hawai‘i is the local chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Specific Examples of Communities Working Together
to Prevent Underage Drinking

Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol
Based at the University of Minnesota, CMCA is a community organizing effort designed to change policies and practices in ways that reduce access to alcohol by teens.

21 Reasons
21 Reasons is a community coalition in Portland, ME, that works to build a healthy community environment with policies, practices and attitudes that support the alcohol-free development of youth.

SRSLY (text language for SERIOUSLY) is a community coalition in Chelsea, MI, that works to change their community in ways that will make it more likely that kids will make positive, healthy choices about alcohol.

Learn to Grow
Learn to Grow in Atlanta, GA, is an example of one community coming together to prevent underage drinking.

Youth Alcohol Prevention Links

We Don't Serve TEENS
Federal Trade Commission website provides parents and others with tools and information to reduce teen drinking by stopping teens' easy access to alcohol.

Power of Parents
Created by MADD, Power of Parents is a web resource where parents can find research-proven strategies for preventing underage drinking at home and in their community.

Leadership to Keep Children Alcohol Free
Leadership to Keep Children Alcohol Free is a coalition of current and former Governors' spouses, federal agencies, and public and private organizations working together to prevent use of alcohol by children ages 9 - 15.

Youth Leadership Institute
The Youth Leadership Institute fosters meaningful partnerships between young people and adults to create positive social change.

Stop Underage Drinking
Stop Underage Drinking is a comprehensive portal of federal resources on how to prevent underage drinking.

Talk Early, Talk Often, Get Involved
Facts, tools and advice on how you can prevent underage drinking.

Too Smart to Start
Too Smart to Start provides youth, families, educators and communities with programs and strategies, downloadable materials, and resources to help prevent underage drinking.

Social Host Law

Information and discussions on various Social Host Laws around the country.

Partnership at
"Prevent" at the Partnership at provides tips and tools for parents to prevent underage drinking by communicating with their teens.

Community How to Guides
A series of guides to help communities united to prevent underage drinking.

Lifeskills Training
High School and Middle School scientific evidence-based substance abuse prevention program provided through the City and County of Honolulu Youth Services Center. Click here for program brochure.

Prevention Research and Enforcement Links

Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation
A national independent non-profit public health research organization.

Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center
Established by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, UDETC engages in UAD environmental prevention and enforcement practices.