Be A Jerk

Sometimes It Takes a Jerk

Hawai‘i Needs More Jerks

No one wants to be a jerk. But there are times when a problem calls for it, and that's definitely true of underage drinking. We need people to stand up and say, "If it takes a jerk to help keep kids away from alcohol, then I'm proud to be a jerk."

The Dos and Don'ts of Being a Jerk

thumbs upHere are a few things jerks do:

  • Help people realize it's not okay for kids to drink.
  • Make it harder for kids to get alcohol.
  • Help reduce alcohol advertising that targets kids.
  • Help create laws and policies that keep alcohol away from kids.

thumbs downAnd here are a few things jerks don't do:

  • Give alcohol to kids.
  • Buy alcohol for kids.
  • Sell alcohol to kids.
  • Allow kids to drink alcohol in their homes... or anywhere.

And by the way, by "kids" we mean anyone under 21. It's the kind of distinction a jerk would make - and it's an important one.

Why Do Kids Need Jerks

Because kids and alcohol just don't mix. Why not? Drinking alcohol while brains are still developing can lead to permanent damage . Plus, underage drinking costs Hawai‘i taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and kills more kids than all other drugs (including tobacco) COMBINED!

The vast majority of Hawai‘i teenagers say that alcohol is easy for them to get. Which means we need to do more than just say no. We need to change the way we as a society think about underage drinking.

Who Are All These Jerks

There are thousands of us. We're parents, we're aunties and uncles, older brothers and sisters, and friends. We're also shopkeepers, restaurant owners and bartenders. All tackling the problem of underage drinking on a personal level, on a neighborhood level and on a community level. And we're getting things done.

Join Us. Please, Be a Jerk

Help us make our community safer and better.