Be A Jerk

High Schools and Colleges

High Schools and Colleges Can Be a Jerk

During the teenage years underage drinking and dangerous binge drinking spike. Some of the actions the university, community colleges and schools can take to curb alcohol use by minors includes:

  • Create, publish and enforce clear rules against underage drinking with real consequences. Confirm that the school takes underage drinking seriously.
  • Do away with alcohol sponsorship of athletic events and other school social activities.
  • Restrict the sale of alcoholic beverages on campus or at campus facilities.
  • Implement responsible beverage service policies at campus facilities, such as sports arenas and concert halls.
  • Hold all student groups - including fraternities, sororities, athletics teams, and student clubs and organizations - strictly accountable for underage drinking at their facilities and during functions that they sponsor.
  • Eliminate alcohol advertising in school publications.
  • Educate parents, instructors and administrators about the consequences of underage drinking - including secondhand effects such as interference with studying and being the victim of an alcohol-related assault or date rape.
  • Enlist the help of school supporters in changing how we as a community perceive underage alcohol use so that it is not considered normal or acceptable.
  • Partner with concerned citizens and community groups to address underage drinking as a community-wide problem as well as a school problem.