Be A Jerk

Everyone Can Be An Effective Jerk

BE A JERK ABOUT PLACES WHERE KIDS HANG OUT. Take photos of places around your neighborhood or community where young people hang out. Use these photos to make recommendations to local decision-makers about what they can do to make these places feel safer.

BE A JERK IN SCHOOLS. Work with school authorities and interested kids to put together a school poster campaign that challenges myths that most students are getting drunk on a regular basis.

BE A JERK ABOUT CHANGING WHAT WE THINK IS "NORMAL." Assess your family or community norms about underage drinking and create a presentation, video or flyer that encourages change. If possible, include young people in these efforts.

BE A JERK ABOUT PARENT PLEDGES. Get local parents or community members to pledge to change their own drinking behavior and pledge not to allow underage drinking in their homes.

BE A JERK ABOUT PEER WORKSHOPS. Encourage interested young people to educate other teens about underage drinking.

BE A JERK ABOUT THE ALCOHOL INDUSTRY. Organize a contest where students guess which "energy" drinks have alcohol in them. Have them make a presentation where they share the results to adults and talk about how the alcohol industry is targeting young people.

BE A JERK ABOUT PEOPLE WHO SELL ALCOHOL. Campaign to get a local alcohol seller to move alcohol away from products that kids like to buy, and move alcohol ads away from areas kids congregate.

BE A JERK WITH A STORE SALES PROJECT. Research (with local teens if possible) which local stores allow teens access to alcohol. Work with identified store owners to change practices to make it more difficult for teens to buy alcohol or have others buy it for them.

BE A JERK WITH MERCHANT AWARDS. Conduct a merchant awards program for stores that do their best to prevent sales of alcohol to teens or to adults who are selling back to teens.

BE A JERK WITH A DOCUMENTARY ON THE INDUSTRY. Create and show a local video about how the alcohol industry targets young people in our community.

BE A JERK WITH A YOUTH FORUM. Hold a youth or student-led forum on causes and solutions to underage drinking in schools or the community.

BE A JERK WITH A PARENT PARTNER PROJECT. Partner with a school PTSA or other parent organization to create a workshop on what parents can do to address teen drinking parties at private homes.

BE A JERK WITH A STORE ACCOUNTABILITY PROJECT. Use community organizing tactics to pressure a local store to change its selling or advertising practices.