Be A Jerk

Alcohol Industry

Those Who Make, Sell and Market Alcohol Can Be a Jerk

The alcohol industry has a kuleana to make certain that it's not luring children to drink through its marketing. Responsible advertising design and placement can help prevent underage drinking by meeting these criteria:

  • The messaging of alcohol campaigns does not show alcohol as a "rite of passage" from childhood to adulthood or as essential to achieving popularity, social success or a fulfilling life.
  • The placement of alcohol advertising, promotions and other means of marketing do not disproportionately expose youth to messages about alcohol.
  • Alcohol products are not designed or advertised to appeal to young people.
  • Alcohol marketing does not portray that young people need to learn to drink or that there is some type of alcohol that is acceptable for young people.
  • The content and design of alcohol webites and online advertising are not made to appeal to teens.