Be A Jerk

Building a Better Community One Jerk at a Time

jerks uniteThe More Jerks, the Better

Being a jerk is great. But being part of a community of jerks is even better. Because as a community we can work toward real change on the largest possible level. We can change public opinion about whether it's acceptable or not for kids to drink. And we can even change the physical environment of our community by, among other things, getting alcohol advertisements targeting kids taken down and cleaning up places where they gather.

Grassroots Jerks

Go ahead and reach out to other jerks where you live, work or hang out. Or join the grassroots groups that are already springing up all around Hawai‘i, getting together and figuring out what we can do together.

Maybe you'll start a petition among parents in your neighborhood to pledge that there will be no underage drinking on their properties.

Maybe you'll talk to the owner of a local store about moving the beer away from the candy aisle where kids gather.

Maybe you'll brainstorm ways to start and maintain honest dialogue with kids and the larger community about underage drinking.

Or maybe you'll help initiate or support legislation that makes it harder for kids to get alcohol.

There are many things we can do as a grassroots movement that will have a lot more impact than simply being a jerk on a personal level with your family and friends (although that's important too, of course).

Jerk Resources

We have lots of information and videos available, all aimed at helping you and your community become the best jerks you can be. For more information, please visit the Resources section.